Problems I faced in My Logo Project

Hello everyone My name is Abdullah Shahzad.And I am 15 years old.I am a part time graphic desginer.

Recently i made an clean white and black Logo and banner Project.Which had an interesting characteristics with it.

When i woke up in the Morning i got an message from an Client.I picked up my phone to ask him for information and details.I asked

What type of logo do you want?.

He replied with

I want an gaming logo which is clean but has it style

After seeing this i had alot of thoughts in my mind.That rather is this good or not.I started with an simple Sketch for Team named Axis”. After 20 Minutes i got on with the sketch and thought i should illustrate this Adope Illustrator.

After making the logo from different Angles and Shapes i ended up with this

I Myself was not satisfied with the results.But still i Asked my Client if he liked it.The Awnser was already clear to me that he would decline it so i started with new Idea.

I started with making simple horizantal blocks in Illustrator with Rectangular tool.I made an Clean text type Logo with it and boy was i Suprise by the Results.

After i Made the logo i hop on to photoshop and made the profile picture first.It had to be clean and elegant at the same time . So i added multiple times stroke on background and the Main focus on the logo.

Like This

This was much much better then the last one and i was happy with it.And then i made the banner which was easy to make.To mak it look like an gaming banner i added some picture i took from PUBG and clip masked them in shapes to make it look Filled.The final results of banners where

like this

At last my project was completed and I uploaded the project gave the link to my client to make sure he was satisfied with results or not.He was Amazed and asked for more in future.

This Project was rather motivating for me rather then demotivation.

Thank you all for reading till the end!!

i am 15 year old graphic designer.

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