Why Esports could be game-changing for Pakistan

One month before Federal Minister of Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhary in an interview with Content Creator Waqar Zaka, Announced Esports to officially be part of Sports that one could choose as His/Her career. He also said the Video game industry is worth 90 Billion Dollars and there is 20% annual growth in Pakistan, Saying that he also said to hold the National level Esports tournament taking place in March 2021 in Islamabad.

Revenue of Global Esports Market

According to statista.com

Revenue of Global Esports Market of 2018–2023 is expected to be

Revenue in Million US Dollars

2018:- 776.4

2019:- 957.5

2020:- 950

2023:- 1598.2

Popular Games

This turn of events is a heavenly opportunity for local level Esports player in Pakistan. That being said many popular games such Dota 2, Csgo, LoL, Tekken, PUBGM, and Rainbow six siege is already being played by many players across the Country. The community thirst for playing internationally is finally over.

Ways of Earning through Esports

As of now, Esports has officially become a sport. We can expect in near future many International companies to sponsor teams and players. As that being said many players in Pakistan earn through Digital Marketing For example platforms like YouTube and Twitch have many Pakistani players pushing their way to the top, But without a proper sponsor, they cant rise like many other Countries' players do.

There are many ways a player earn his/her money for example

  • Cash Prizes

Cash prices are earned through playing a tournament

  • Salaries

Players are paid by Team for playing on the team

  • Sponsors

The main part is through getting Sponsor from Various companies

  • Digital

Players Earn through Digital marketing by uploading on Youtube or Twitch

After this, we can only hope to see Pakistan Esports Community grow at a Global level. And see the challenges other countries' players have to offer.

Thank you for reading.

i am 15 year old graphic designer.

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